About Us

In 1975 William Duterte built his first home on Guilford Ave. in Livermore, Ca. Since then he has gone on to build over 70 custom & semi-custom homes, 67 were of his own design. He has recently finished constructing world renowned architect Cesar Pelli’s design of the Chandler residence in Livermore, Ca., as featured with a computer generated rendering in the March, 2005 issue of Architectural Digest magazine. He has worked closely with Cesar Pelli and Associates throughout the design phase for the last 3 years.

Some highlights of his career include:

  • Designing and building the Frank Light house. Mr. Light was the CEO of Sun-Diamond at the time. Sun-Diamond is the worlds largest co-op, made up, in part, by Sun Maid Raisins and Diamond Walnuts.
  • Design and construction of his personal residence in Livermore, CA. This home uses levels, rather than walls to separate many of the living spaces. It also includes a master bathroom arboretum with a 16’ Ficus tree among the fixtures.
  • Design and construction of noted criminal attorney Timothy Rien’s law offices in Livermore, CA and design of his ranch home in Oakdale, CA.
  • Construction of restaurateur John Hurley’s residence, Eight Palms, in St. Helena, CA. This home has already been seen on HGTV and was published in the August, 2005 issue of House Beautiful Magazine. Mr. Duterte has also completed various redesign and remodel work on two of Mr. Hurley’s restaurants, Garibaldi’s on College at Rockridge and Home at Market and 14th St. in San Francisco.
  • Design and construction of 45 homes in the Vineyard Estates Annex at Alden Lane, Altair Ave., LeGrange Ave, Regulus Ave. and Rhea Ave. in Livermore,CA. This development featured over 20 different floor plans and all exterior elevations were unique to each residence.